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Writer's Block: Young and driven
What is the legal drinking age where you live? Do you think it should be higher, lower, or remain the same, and why?


In Georgia many of the drinking laws are relics from when North Georgia and Tennessee was the buckle on the bible belt, Liquor is a sin day's. For example, you cant walk into a store on Sunday and buy a six pack of beer or a bottle of wine to drink in the privacy of your home but you can go to a bar and get drunk and then have to drive home. The drinking age is currently 21, which means that before you are even old enough to drink you have been voting, serving in the armed forces in combat in foreign lands, or are a junior in college for three years. This represents a discrepancy in common sense that should be addressed. The answer in my opinion is simple; A complete revision of the drinking laws that would lower the legal drinking age to 16 (if at home where your parents can supervise) and 18 in public. Then to compensate for the lack of maturity many teenagers have the penalties for crimes committed while intoxicated should be strengthened so that a first offense DUI under the age of 18 is the loss of your license for one full year with no exceptions and a fine to paid by the parents (to ensure the parents are doing their job and not letting their drunk kinds go around driving). At 18 a first offense should be the suspension of the license for 6 months, during which two month is a mandatory jail sentence, which can be lowered by community service. The reason for the harshness of the law would be simple to understand. A car, in the hands of a drunk is several thousand pounds of weapon and the person behind the wheel should be treated as someone who is using a weapon in public.

In short, lower the drinking age but raise the penalties for alcohol related crimes


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