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My life between the pages.

2 May 1974
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I like to think of myself as old fashioned. I respect my elders and value their opinions and their place in society but I make my own way with my own intellect and ideas. I am a fiscal conservative, believer in small government and liberty with responsibility. I am personally, very much against abortion but think the answer cannot be found in governmental legislation but in an understanding of the real meaning of family values,and the affirmation of life. I think that to often leaders espouse family values but fail to live up to them which is gross hypocrisy.

I have an abiding passion for early American History (and by this I certainly include the first peoples) up to the Civil War era. These are the people on whose toil our foundation arose and I find it disturbing that our schools treat them with disdain. I believe respect i is matter of both word and deed and to many people claim to be respectful while using the most vulgar methods to convey their points. I also believe in not letting bad behavior, insulting manners or hateful speech continue simply because the person claims to be a nice person (again word and deed). Sometimes stands have to be taken in the real world and on the world wide web.

And perhaps this is most telling of who I am. For all the value I find in the internet and all the richness it can provide, each day as it comes to an end finds me with a good book in my hand.